Appraisal Kits are our free, custom-designed shipping kits for transporting of your valuables safely and securely through transit. Each kit contains the following: customer return card that allows you to select your payment method, inventory your items, and sign for proof of ownership. Also included, one pre-addressed shipping envelope, a secure poly bag, and a list of near by staffed FedEx locations for drop off.

Our free Appraisal Kits are made of durable materials and specifically designed to protect a vast range of precious items including diamond jewelry. If your items are valued over $1,000 we do provide additional packaging to abide by proper insurance requirements.* To request additional coverage, please call us for instructions at (561) 504-6200.

Putting your valuables in the mail should never mean losing control. That’s why your Appraisal Kit includes a pre-addressed FedEx tracking label. We provide tracking on all packages from the moment they are drop off at any staffed FedEx location. Packages are also automatically insured up to $1,000 against loss or damage.** Have questions or need additional insurance coverage? Our customer service representatives are happy to assist you. Call us toll-free at (561) 504-6200.

Yes. Your items travel registered, insured (you insure them) through the US Postal system. This is the same insured method that the jewelry industry uses to transport shipments from one destination to another.**
If you’re unsure about our prices, we recommend that you obtain other offers from local buyers prior to sending your items. This means they should tell you what they would pay to buy your items, not what they believe you should get for your items or what they might pay you if you leave them on consignment. The only offer that is comparable is an immediate outright purchase offer (the same type of offer you will receive from®
Unfortunately, we cannot. There are too many variables that affect values. Also, we must physically inspect each item to formulate our offer. We are willing to extend preliminary quotes pending final inspection, but the reality remains that we must see the diamonds, fine jewelry or watches in person to make accurate determinations of value.
No. retains the finest state-of-the art equipment that allows us to render our findings without disturbing stones. In some rare cases a primary stone in a ring may be set in a way that makes it impossible to accurately make a pricing determination, even with our equipment. In such cases, will contact you to request your permission to remove the stone. Only with your permission will we take such a step.
We make our offers (not appraisals) during personal telephone calls between our experts and our customers. It’s important to note that offers are different from appraisals. An appraisal might tell you how much it would cost to replace your item with a new one. An offer is how much we can pay right now for your item.
Yes. All shipments sent to us have multiple bar code signatures used to identify them throughout the process. Items are stored safely in appropriate vaults in all departments. has video and central station alarm status and your items remain within this environment until we complete the purchase.
You may. The appraiser assigned to your item(s) will discuss with you our findings and payment offers. He or she will share opinions and options while leaving you with the final decision of whether or not you would like to sell. If you choose not to sell, we will return your item(s), and we will insure the shipment back to you for twice the amount of the highest offer we make for the item(s).
We believe selling to will give you the best overall experience. By coming straight to us, you experience an easy transaction, get great customer service and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

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